Push application source code to Kubernetes with the Cloud Foundry developer API

Get Started

Deploy code to production in minutes

One simple command, cf push, assembles your tested code, and deploys it atop Kubernetes.

A complete developer API

Push code to prod, attach backing services, set up routes. Egress logs and metrics.

Runs on any Kubernetes environment

One simple command, cf push, assembles your tested code, and deploys it atop Kubernetes.

Why cf-for-k8s?

A proven developer API, integrated with cutting-edge infrastructure

cf-for-k8s thoughtfully combines the Cloud Foundry developer API with other popular open source projects like Kubernetes, Istio, Envoy, and Fluentd. The project uses custom resource definitions (CRDs) and other Kubernetes primitives to deliver a familiar developer experience atop new components.

Run your app platform in more places

cf-for-k8s retains one of the original promises of Cloud Foundry: the flexibility to run on your choice of infrastructure. It’s never been easier to cf push on your laptop, in your data center, in the public cloud, or at the edge.

Get started quickly with a small footprint

In cf-for-k8s, the Cloud Foundry control plane and your custom software both run as Kubernetes apps, in their own distinct namespaces. As a result, the project has a lean footprint. Download cf-for-k8s and install it on your local Kubernetes environment - or any other conformant cluster - in minutes.

About the Project

The Cloud Foundry community has spent the last few years evolving the Cloud Foundry architecture to include Kubernetes and other cloud native open source projects, and by taking pieces of the Cloud Foundry architecture and making them useful within Kubernetes environments on their own. cf-for-k8s is one of the projects that reflects this focus.

Getting Started

The fastest way to try cf-for-k8s is with kind on your desktop.

Try out our tutorial to get started quickly!

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