(for Release Integration Engineers)

Maintaining cf-for-k8s

This document is intended for cf-for-k8s maintainers.


see “Dependencies”.

Smoke tests

see “Running Smoke Tests”.

Directory structure

  • config/ includes all necessary configuration for CF
    • <component>/*.yml cf-for-k8s specific configuration of component
    • <component>/_ytt_lib/ unmodified configuration fetched from components' repos (controlled via /vendir.yml)
    • values/00-values.yml specifies all possible data values used
    • *.yml configuration that glue components together
  • build/ includes building instructions for components that do not provide plain YAML or ytt templates
    • this directory is only used by cf-for-k8s maintainers
    • in each sub-directory has specific build instructions

Image References

Image references are expected to use an image SHA digest. If using kbld to build images as suggested in the component development flow, the image reference should include the digest by default.


  • alias k=kubectl
    • useful alias
  • kubectl get pod -A -o custom-columns=',INITCONS:spec.initContainers[*].image,CONS:spec.containers[*].image'
    • show all used images in pods