Deploy CF for K8s in CI

Deploy CF for K8s in CI


You will need the same set of prerequisites listed in the Deploy CF for K8s documentation. The CLIs will need to be available in the image used by your CI system. The Dockerfiles in this repo, especially cf-for-k8s-ci may be helpful.

Available Scripts

The following scripts are designed to be executable in a CI system, as well as locally:

  • Generate all required configuration settings for a given domain:

    TMP_DIR=<your-tmp-dir-path> ; mkdir -p ${TMP_DIR}
    ./hack/ --cf-domain <cf-domain> --gcr-service-account-json <path-to-kpack-gcr-service-account-json> > ${TMP_DIR}/cf-install-values.yml
  • Install CF for K8s to your target K8s cluster.

    ytt -f config -f ${TMP_DIR}/cf-install-values.yml > ${TMP_DIR}/cf-for-k8s-rendered.yml
    kapp deploy -a cf -f ${TMP_DIR}/cf-for-k8s-rendered.yml -y
  • Run the smoke test suite against your CF for K8s installation.

    export SMOKE_TEST_API_ENDPOINT=api.<domain>
    export SMOKE_TEST_APPS_DOMAIN=<domain>
    export SMOKE_TEST_USERNAME=<cf-admin-user>
    export SMOKE_TEST_PASSWORD=<cf-admin-password>
    export SMOKE_TEST_SKIP_SSL=true

Available Docker Images

There are a few Docker images maintained by us that can be used for a CI pipeline:

Image Tag Description
cloudfoundry/cf-for-k8s-ci Our catch-all image. It contains everything required to generate your installation values and install CF for K8s to a K8s cluster.
cloudfoundry/cf-for-k8s-aws Used for deploying cf-for-k8s onto an Amazon (EKS) cluster.
cloudfoundry/cf-for-k8s-azure Used for deploying cf-for-k8s onto an Azure (AKS) cluster.

Concourse Example

You can see an example of how we combined these scripts in our own CI pipeline here.

CF for K8s version: v5.0.0